About Our Services


Financial Services

  • Private Banking & Wealth Management: Offer expertise in personalized financial strategies, asset management, and advisory.

  • Retail & Consumer Banking: Cater to the daily financial needs of individual consumers.

  • Banking Operations: Handle day-to-day banking activities and process optimization.

  • Registered Investment Advisors & Hedge Funds: Specialized financial advice and hedge fund management.

  • Investment Banking & Corporate Finance: Assist businesses in capital raising and M&A activities.

  • Commercial Banking: Provide services for businesses, from SMEs to large corporations.

  • Trust & Estate Planning: Navigate the complexities of estate planning and trust management.

Accounting and Finance

  • Senior Accountant: Specialize in comprehensive financial reporting and statements.

  • Accounting Manager: Lead accounting teams and oversee financial reporting processes.

  • Chief Accounting Manager: Provide strategic oversight of the entire accounting department.

  • Controller: Direct financial activities such as planning, procurement, and investments.

  • Internal Audit: Ensure compliance and assess the effectiveness of internal controls.


  • In-House Counsel: Provide legal guidance within corporations, ensuring business practices adhere to laws.

  • Law Firm Partners: Lead legal firms and ensure the highest level of client service.

  • Associates: Carry out legal research, draft documents, and assist partners.

  • Legal Support Staff: Support legal teams with administrative tasks and case preparation.

HR & Consulting

  • CHRO: Direct and oversee all human resource strategies and functions.

  • HRBP (Human Resource Business Partner): Align business objectives with staff and management.

  • HR Director: Lead HR practices and objectives that provide an employee-oriented, high-performance culture.

  • Talent Acquisition Specialist: Expertise in sourcing, recruiting, and hiring talents.

  • HRIS Analyst: Specialize in the implementation and analysis of human resource information systems.